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Are you a landlord looking for a rental investment with an above the average yield? HMO’s can provide yields in excess of 10%...

What landlord doesn’t want to increase their yields? In a more difficult climate for landlords, increased income can counter balance some of the other tax issues we are faced with. At Lets Live Leeds we offer a property sourcing service for investors in the UK and further afield. We offer project management and interior design / furnishing, then of course letting and management.

We generally cater for the professional house share market, which works incredibly well in Leeds as there is a thriving business district that employs thousands of university graduates each year. The average budget per tenant is £475 per month, some as high as £700 per month for an ensuite room in a shared house (with bills included). We will show you our business model and how to get the most of your rental property and be earning up to £3000 per month / £36,000 per annum on a 6 bed HMO (for example).

We also find all of our landlord are reinvesting again as they take on this business model as it supersedes income they have experienced in the past through student HMO, or standard buy to let properties.

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