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We manage portfolios of houses for investment landlords from all over the world, not just in sunny Yorkshire. Leeds is well reputed for its high rental yields through HMO. This is mainly due to the type of housing and a high population of university graduates each year, whom are seeking affordable, sociable houses to share.

The student accommodation market has completely changed in the last 10 years in Leeds. Students whom historically populated the Headingley and Hyde Park areas are now allocated high rise purpose built accommodation in the city centre, leaving Headingley landlords with empty nests. This is where the professional house share market has stepped in and fills the gap perfectly (when the properties are brought up to standard).

We generally expect yields to by 8% to 15%, when our business model is followed. For more information see articles which have been published about us in our News section.

If you register for our sourcing services we will work with you to find a suitable investment, give you an estimated cost to increase yields. We can then do little or all of what is required to get it let as quickly as possible.

If you are interested these services please contact us here

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